Welcome to our home:


Here at Summer Breeze Haven, we want our home to feel like your home. We strive to focus on individual needs and preferences when it comes to schedules, food, and activities. Your suggestions are always welcome.


A comfortable and cheerful atmosphere is our continuing goal. Come and meet new friends, have new adventures, smile, and enjoy living! Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself growing younger during your stay with us!

Each member of our staff is exceptional. We have sought out caregivers who are compassionate, competent, efficient, and professional. Each caregiver has appropriate certification and receives additional training from us to ensure that they maintain our standards of excellence. Our live-in nurse is available full time for consultation and services.

With a 6000 square foot home, we have plenty of room for easy navigation with walkers and wheelchairs. The bathrooms have ample space for a wheelchair or walker to get close to the toilet and shower with ease. Bedrooms are large enough for clear access to beds and closets. Closets allow plenty of space for storage in each bedroom. Shared rooms have two closets, so each resident has their own large closet.

Your worries are over. We have over 20 years of experience in the care industry. You can count on us to help you with medications, doctors, therapists, nursing services, hair and nail appointments, special diets, and general questions. Welcome to Worry-Free Care at Summer Breeze Haven!

-Della Ethington
Owner and Manager